Thursday, May 6, 2010

Music back in the house.

Last night, just before bed, R got Donovan's guitar out and was "playing" it while J found a baby spoon and was "drumming" on the coffee table. My kind of music!

Almost every night, Donovan would either practice on his violin, guitar, or play some records so there was constant music in the house and on the weekends, we had a say on what records were played. This included everything from the Blue Danube to Elvis (R really liked both of these) to heavy metal to modern rock. Those were special times for our family and bonding time for Donovan and R.

Since his passing, there hasn't been much in muisc playing. I will turn on Pandora so to drown out the silence but that's it. At one time, I tried to see if I could make the record player work but I couldn't even the get power to come on (guess that shows how technical I am... :) ). Last night was different and both R and I were grinning.

When it was time for bed, R simply stated that she was playing Daddy's guitar. I told her that now it was her guitar and her response was this "Because Daddy's dead." There weren't any tears. It was just a simple, matter-of-fact statement. To which I answered "Yes. It's yours now. Maybe you can teach brother how it works." Her whole face lit up and she started showing J how to strum the strings (which he enjoyed imensly!).

I'm looking forward to what my two little musicans will come up with.

More to follow.....

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