Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hiding behind the mask.

On Tuesday, we went to Grief Works which is sponsored by the Church and has a great outreach for those who need help the most.

The topic for the night was about what we (as parents) worry or are afraid of at this point in our lives. Now, I know I'm not the only one that faces some kind of worry or fear. As parents, we all have worries about our children and how best to help them reach maturity in a godly way (without force feeding them if possible). As adults, we worry about this, that and the other (ie: jobs, family, finances, friends, etc). The main question is, do we hid behind a mask so that others don't know what we're dealing with? My second set of parents are a class act of this. Especially G who puts on a big smile at church and pretty much everyone she meets and gives the facade that all is well but, if you look in her eyes, it's another story. K doesn't hide it all that much but he doesn't talk either. Me, I can't hide and I can't keep quiet either.

It's not easy being open about what you're thinking and feeling sometimes and we've all been there (or are doing it now). We are taught as children to be seen but not heard (sometimes) when actually it should be just the opposite. If there's anyone who needs to be heard the most, it's our children and I try to encourage R and J to tell me what's going on in their head. R has gotten better about being open with what she's feeling and then we try to work through it. There are some things that she just can't get out because she doesn't have words for it yet but we try to look up words she doesn't understand and that helps.

How many times do we hide behind a mask (either with ourselves or with others)? How many problems do we start by not being open and honest with ourselves and others? I have learned from this past year that it's alot easier being honest and open with myself and with others and it's partly because of the kids. They are both social butterflies (especially J - R is starting to come out a little bit more). In college and especially before then, I was very quiet and shy. *chuckling here* but not anymore. True, I am not the social butterfly but I'm getting there - whether I like it or not! Through this whole experience, it has changed me in more ways than one and it's mostly for the better. Sure, there's some rough patches (just like anybody else who's alive has rough patches) but the key is how you get through them and whether you choose to either learn from them or let it overcome you.

There was a quote (and I don't know who it's from) that was stated Tuesday night and it's stuck with me so, I'm going to pass it on to you... "If you aren't too busy to worry, then you aren't too busy to pray". Good words to live by.

More to follow.....

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