Friday, May 7, 2010

Going through another first.

Wednesday night, just before R was supposed to go out the door and go to Bible class, we started hearing a beeping sound from one of the back rooms. After hunting down the sound, we found that it was the smoke detector beeping that the battery needed to be changed. One more first to have to deal with.

At first, I thought that if I just stood up on a chair that I could reach it. No chance. R thought reminded me that we had a ladder out in the garage that would be able to reach it. We found the ladder and then I had to figure out how to get to it and bring it in the house (which was not an easy thing to do). This was all going to be done with R's help and J (being the curious one that he is) investigating a room that he had never been in.

I started feeling very frustrated by J being underfoot and wishing that R was bigger. Thankfully, the ladder wasn't very heavy but it reminded me, once again, of how alone I really am and how much my children depend on me to keep things running. R helped me get the ladder into the house (after lifting it over the lawnmower that hasn't been used in a year and half) and down the hall to the (as R calls it) "Daddy's music room". I then had to move several small rows of 45's out of the way just to get the ladder up to reach the smoke alarm. I finally figured out how to get the thing down and decided that I wasn't going to be putting it back up for a while (at least not until I could get the floor space cleaned out). To give you (if your someone that has never been in my home) an idea of what this room is like, let me give you a good idea. Imagine a medium sized music store full of records, 8 tracks, laser disc, 45's, reel-to-reel's, 75's, record players, 8 track players (you get the idea). Now imagine all of that stuff in a medium sized room stacked from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. This was Donovan's music room. R comes back here to look at records and play them on a little portable record player that Donovan taught her to use (it plays 45's) but she hasn't done that this year (yet). Her response to the 45's on the floor was rather comical. "Mommy, this stuff needs to be cleaned up!" She's right, so now I have a new challenge before me. The big question is how?

I've talked to several people from church and they've made some good suggestions (all of which are very time consuming) so now it just comes down to doing it. Thankfully, I have friends that are willing to help. So, if anybody has been wanting a certain record, CD, 8-track, or reel-to-reel (or players of each of these), let me know because 9 times out of 10, it's somewhere in this room. Bring on the clearing out!

More to follow......

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