Saturday, May 22, 2010

Make it work!

This morning, R decided that she had to find something for J to listen to from "The music room".

She had an 8-track tape in hand and was determined to have something for J to listen to and to explain how it worked. So, slowly we started trying various players to try and get them to work. All to no avail. Some players had cords and once plugged in, didn't work or if they had battery use, once new batteries were put in, they didn't work either.

Finally, R sat down in on whatever space she could find and stated "This room is full of junk! Why did Daddy get so much junk?" I told her that it wasn't all junk and pulled a record that she liked and asked her if she thought it was junk. She quickly agreed that it wasn't all junk, just mostly junk and that we needed to clear the room out of the "junk".

R and I spent the rest of the morning taking things (that had been taken apart but never put back together) in the back of the car and not talking much but grins. J (of course) wanted to help out as well so he started picking up little pieces on the floor and given them to me (jabbering the whole time) and being very proud of himself. So, we managed to put a very, very small dent in the floor but please about the progress. R then stated "It's good getting it (the room) cleaned. (with a big grin on her face)" and I agreed. It felt good and almost like a relief of some sort. Not sure how to put it into words but, all of us were happy about it and I'm sure there will be more cleaning times to come.

More to follow.....

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