Saturday, May 4, 2013

"Best day of my life"

This week, we had a bit of a celebration in our house. R got a medal and a certificate for being on the A, B honor roll this year. The school had a reception for the students in 3rd grade who made either all A's or AB honor roll. They had video clips of the students and what they liked the most about their school/teacher(s) and what they will miss the most in moving forward in the fall. The video's were cute and moving at times and R was proud to see a video of herself. They also had each student go forward and receive their medal and certificate in this accomplishment and say thank you to their teacher(s). After R got back from getting her's, she said "This is the best day of my life!" I haven't seen her so excited and happy about something in a while so, it was a nice change. Things have been a bit crazy around our house since we started having a neighborhood kid coming to play. This little girl is in R's grade but is 10 yrs old and hasn't had it very easy at home. I'll call her T. T's mom has a live-in boyfriend and (I think) they are trying to make it as a couple and as parents (without being married) and they have caught on that T lies about everything as easily as she does breathing. T goes to be with her dad every other weekend in Tx (somewhere) and the live-in boyfriend of her mom's also has a daughter (which, understandably causes friction from T). T is very needy and would love to be anywhere else than at home. Lately, she has taken on some behaviors that have been unsettling for Jeff and I. T knows about us loosing Donovan and lately, she's been acting (and talking) about either loosening a grandfather (somehow a rock he gave her made its way at M's house and in M's driveway) or a friend who passed away recently. When T does this kind of talking, she puts on the big show of crocodile tears and acts all sad and such. Granted, she doesn't do this show at our home but, she does it over at M's and it causes R to become very quiet and go into a shell of course. Jeff has suggested that we (and M's mom) talk things out with T's mom so that she knows what's going on and then figure out how to teach T that this behavior isn't acceptable. I don't want to come down on T so hard that we aren't able to show her what true friendship and loving God is all about (she goes to Bible class with us on Wednesday nights). Any suggestions? Anywho, R has been wearing her medal *almost* everywhere she goes. It's a true testament of how far she's come and how hard the teacher(s) have worked to get her to where she needed to be. More to follow.....