Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pressing on

The last couple of days have been pretty busy for us.

On Wednesday, I took R back in for some neurotherapy. Her teacher(s) had put a note that R was having a very difficult time in staying focused (even in small groups) and I knew that it was now time to get over the hurdle of getting her back on focus. At first, she told me that she didn't want to play a video game (which is what she does and her mind controls the game and gets everything back into focus). The technology is now to the point that they can go as low as .001 (which is what most children can function at) and help them with their attention difficulties.

R also really surprised everyone. She sat in the chair by herself for the first time. All the staff could say was "WOW!!". I knew that the old fears/stress that she had had at the old house were now (pretty much) gone. She hasn't had any panic attacks at night and gets a much better sleep and happier.

Thursday night, we went back to GriefWorks (which R really enjoys) and they did a session about different feelings/emotions that we all deal with a different times and at different levels. R also got to meet some new kids that had lost their mom a few months ago. In our group, it was a kind of meet and greet type of setting. Several had lost their husbands, one lady had lost her daughter, and a gentleman had lost his wife. Needless to say, just about all of them were emotionally raw. There was also a girl (age 23) who had lost her mom 2 months ago to cancer and she has 4 younger siblings. Up until the loss of her mom, her dad had pretty much kept out of the picture but now (thankfully) he's stepping up and taking responsibility (slowly). She had a lot of questions as to if the things that she was feeling were normal or not (which they were) and a general question came about the holidays and how we each prepare for those holidays.

To be honest, the thought of the coming holidays is a bit depressing for me. I also know that this is good time for us to start some traditions of our own and make them as good and happy as any. So, onwards and upwards!

More to follow......

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