Friday, October 8, 2010

Pictures and condolences

This morning, I was able to go through some more stuff at the old house, chiefly a box of sympathy cards and some pictures that were stashed on a shelf.

The cards/letters of sympathy had been read long ago (I actually made myself read them as they came in which helped a great deal) and seeing some of them again now has made an even bigger impact than a year ago. The hard part was the pictures that were taken over the last 7 years or so. I managed for about an hour or so and then I could feel myself starting to get heavy-hearted and knew that I needed to get out of the house and do something that I enjoyed.

So, off to an estate sale I go. New house, "new" stuff but at a better price. :) At the sale, there was a guy that was taking his time looking at everything and automatically started up asking general questions and being a very big flirt. All I could managed was a grin there or there and answering his general questions.... I am so out of the loop of these things but, it was a very welcome change to what I had been doing before hand.

Anywho, manged to get out with some pretty good deals and also got a new table and chairs (since the one we had broke - a leg gave out when R was sitting at the table and J was pulling himself up to sit with her). Needless to say, scary incident but, all is well and now we have a very sturdy table (no matter what).

So, over all, a good end to a somewhat difficult morning. I was hoping to get everything done at the old house by this weekend but, don't think that's going to happen quite as quickly as I had hoped *sigh*. Oh well... Baby steps!

More to follow.....

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