Monday, October 18, 2010

Cooking.... Full steam ahead!

For the past two weeks, I've been cooking something every night. Now, most people may think that that is not uncommon. For us, it is.

For the last (a little over) year and a half, I could not seem to motivate myself to fix anything (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). Since we've moved to a new house and in the process of making it our home, I've been cooking a little bit every day. A lot of the time, R will pick out what she likes (sees) from recipe cards and then I ask her which one she wants me to fix for supper.

A friend once told me that I (we) would never have complete peace until we moved out of that house and I didn't realize how right they were until now. It's been totally liberating and not just for me but also for the children. I didn't realize how far down I had sunk until we got out of that house. Some people can be dragged down by other people. Others can be dragged down for situations that may (or may not) be out of their control. Still others can be dragged down by where they are physically and that was the case for me and I hated it. However, I won't (and shouldn't) do the would have/ should have/ could have game. Partly because I have two small children who mirror what I show them (or sometimes try to hide from them which can be just as damaging).

So, with all that being said, there will continue to be alot of messes to clean up in the kitchen but, I'm not going to complain (even if J does get jello up under the table... ha!).

More to follow.....

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  1. Good for you dear... Keep on keeping on. love you bunches....