Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dealing with the 2's and 6's!

Last night, I got a good taste of what's to come with my children and the changes that they are going (or about to) through.

J started the evening off by being very angry and throwing whatever he had (or could get) in his hands to show me that he was NOT happy that I wasn't letting him get his way. Once he calmed down, R decided that she would do her "cry" (aka a lot of noise but no tears) because I wasn't going to do her homework for her and write her spelling words down for her.

So, both of them were getting their noise on but getting very little done. Once J had gotten over his little anger bit, he decided that he had to climb up (from the floor) on me in order to show that he was still there and still not getting what he wanted (aka - sweets). However, he also hadn't eaten any supper and he wasn't about to if he could help it... Any of this sound familiar Moms??? R was still doing her "crying" of not wanting to do her homework and agonizing over every letter of her spelling words. It took all I had not to laugh at both of them! They haven't realize yet that: 1. Mommy's rules (for the most part) are non-negotiable. 2. I've tried (as some point in time) to do the same thing that they're trying to pull now. and 3. I STILL know more than they do!

Granted, a part of me rolled my eyes heavenward and asking the always daunting question of WHY!!!! Especially after I had put J in the living room with some toys so that (hopefully) he would become preoccupied with that but... NOOOO!

Eventually, R did get all of her spelling words written out and J had something good to eat but, I'm just thankful that these episodes don't last for ever and I've still got enough sanity left to see the humor in all this (at least this time around). I did tell K about it earlier today and his response was - "That's life!". G was a little bit more compassionate about it all tho. :)

It's not a life I asked for (or wanted) but, I still have to take it all in stride and remember that they are only young once and how I act and react is teaching them.

More to follow....

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