Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Ok... Yesterday, I had said that once R had calmed down from getting the splinter out of her foot and J not crying because he wanted to be in the tub too and that all was well with the world... almost. This is about the ... almost part.

Once everything quieten down, R got very quiet and reflective. This gives me a bit of a warning sign that whatever she's thinking is deep and to prepare for anything. She then started to cry very quietly and then said "I miss my daddy." All I could say was "I know." and help her get out of the tub and dry off. The big change was that she didn't have a gut-wrenching crying as she had in the past and it only last for a few minutes. She didn't start asking questions of trying to wrap her brain around what death was, what a soul is, etc. It was just a quiet few minutes of facing facts. She had always gone to Donovan whenever she got hurt and received an extra kiss for the boo-boo, a reassuring hug, and then she was off again. She still remembers those times and (like me) now there is only an emptiness there that will never be completely replaced.

How many times, do you remember going to someone with whatever hurt you may have had and received the same kind of attention? Sure, we all have had heartaches but I believe that those small acts of kindness outshine the pain... Even years down the road.... No act of kindness goes unnoticed.

More to follow.....

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