Thursday, November 25, 2010

One last walk thru (I hope)

Yesterday, I had to do one last walk (and check) through the old house and make sure that there wasn't anything that the children (or I) would wish we had (later, down the road). The only thing that I had forgotten to get out was some of Donovan's bank statements that were filed away in his closet. Personally, I'm soo ready for this to be done and finished. The plan is to (finally) have an estate sale on Dec. 17th weekend (and it may take more than one weekend to get it all out).

Today, R, J and I had our Thanksgiving lunch over at K and G's house which, of course, was absolutely delicious! Of course, K had to ask me and make sure that I didn't want to get anything (like the victorola that I had put on Donovan's groom's table at our wedding). It's hard to explain to anyone (unless they've been there) that I'd rather have the good memories than stuff that's only going to collect dust. Our marriage was a good one (not perfect but, good none-the-less). Now, it's time to close out that chapter and start moving on forward. Donovan's been gone for (as of next month)2 years now and it doesn't do me (or my children) any good to do the "would-have, could-have, should-have" game. I don't have any regrets of the past and I can (Lord willing) look forward to the future - whatever that holds. Of course, for just a few minutes, (right before lunch) a part of me expected to see Donovan come walking (or rather running) down the hall at his parents house and knowing full well that he won't be.

Over all, it was a good, crazy and productive day... R, J and I managed to get a Christmas tree up.... The challenge is going to be whether J will be able to leave it along long enough to enjoy it until after Christmas... Only time will tell... So far, so good!

More to follow......

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