Sunday, December 4, 2011

Little kisses

Yesterday, Jeff got a pleasant surprise. J gave him a little kiss!

They had been rough houseing a little bit and Jeff gives J a lot of kisses and it always gets him in a giggling fit. Then, J decided he needed to give Daddy a little kiss back (with all the sound effects to go with it).

I was happy about this and a little jealous. J has yet to give me one of those little kisses but, I do get a ton of hugs throughout the day so, I'm happy about it. :)

A little bit later, Jeff and R were able to get some one-on-one cuddle time (which R LOVES!). I was in the room and Jeff made a motion with his hands. In a nutshell, he was acknowledging that R had him wrapped around her little finger. Actually, I think this is true both ways. R adores Jeff and he adores her.

I know Donovan would have been happy about how things have worked out for our family (although I'm sure he would have liked be here instead). I didn't know until much later that Donovan had several middle names on his computer that K ran across it (several months after Donovan had died). I knew that he was excited about J coming but not sure to what extent.

More to follow.....

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