Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This year, we were able to go and visit with K and G for thanksgiving. It wasn't the initial plan but thankful that things turned out the way that the did.

The kids did pretty good on the drive down (even though they slept for about an hour - J DOES NOT travel very well yet) and they shared a room once at Mema and Poppa's house (with additional threats that if they didn't talk to each other, they wouldn't get into trouble).

Thursday was spent in eating lots of great food and also visiting with K's older brother Jay. Jay is currently in the hospital undergoing psych evaluation for beginning stages of dementia and possibly bi-polar disorder. K is responsible for his welfare and they are doing the best that they can in getting him the care that he will need. Right now, it's up in the air as to what that is yet so please keep the family in your prayers as they will have some tough decisions to make soon. Margie (G's mom) wasn't able to be with us this time as she is slowly going downhill mentally and not able to move around as easily as she used to. I went to see her with G on Friday. She knew who I was but still had no concept that Donovan was gone (even though G has told her several times that Donovan is dead). The visit was good and a bit awkward but, sometimes you just have to let people be content in their own world rather than face stark reality (especially at the stage that Margie is in).

Saturday morning/ afternoon, K put up the Christmas tree and the kids got to decorate it that afternoon. Jeff got into the festivities with bringing some holiday music out and hanging some decorations as well. The only difficult part was when R found an ornament that Donovan had made when he was about R's age. She asked G who's picture that was and then when she was told it was Donovan's, she became very quiet and downcast in looking at Donovan's picture. I'm not sure if she put that ornament up or not but the down time didn't last long. J was very much into the decorations and putting things up on the tree (just had to make sure that the one's he had weren't breakable - one ornament wasn't so lucky).

Sunday morning, we got to spend time with the church family. I met a lady who had lost her husband about 4 months ago and, even though she was fighting back tears of grief, she was still happy for us and that I had found love again. People couldn't believe how much taller J had grown and that R felt confident enough to read in Bible class for the first time (and yes, I was a proud Momma). Had a good lunch and then packing everything up. The hard part was leaving. K led us in a prayer just before we got in the car and got emotional and G broke down when giving me a good-bye hug. I know that they have a lot on their plate in taking care of Margie and Jay and that they miss the kids (and us) terribly so going back for Christmas will be good for everyone.

Hoping that everyone has a great holidays ahead and looking forward to the new year.

More to follow.....

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