Friday, December 16, 2011

Why is there more emphasis during this time of year?

I recently read an article that stressed the importance of reaching out to others, thinking of those less fortunate, and spending extra time with family. Society has a whole pushes for doing something that makes us feel good in doing something for someone else or, in getting the best deal(s).

Question: Why should we cater to just one month out of the year? Why not continue the "Christmas season" trend all year long? Are we so concerned with taking care of #1 the rest of the time that we (and the country as a whole) use Christmas time as our meager way of giving back?

God calls us to give of our means every first day of the week with cheerfulness and purpose. Couldn't we all do that with everything else? Would our lives be simpler and less stressful if we take each day as a chance to give and to set aside?

Granted, the holiday time is also difficult for many because there are people who won't be there to celebrate either because they are no longer with us or live to far away. But, people hurt year round emotionally for the same reason. Why focus on just the holidays? Would it hurt anyone if we did the same kind of outreach year round? Could we still be kind and compassionate all the other months of year and still hold Christmas time as a special time?

I am going to make a challenge to myself. Every month this coming year, I am going to give something unexpected to someone (or several people) as gifts (and not because they may/may not have a birthday that month either). Will keep everyone posted as each month rolls along (and yes, I expect you all to help me be accountable for this too!).

More to follow....

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