Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Early mornings and making traditions

This morning did not start off the usual way. It started at about 4:15 AM.

First of all, we had a nice 2 inches of snow on the ground which was pretty exciting to see. Secondly, J was crying almost in a panic kinda way. He had done that before when he had a bad dream so, that's what we thought. Jeff decided to get up and settle him back down and was in J's room before he came back and said that he needed my help. J had thrown up in the projectile fashion so, Jeff cleaned J up and I tackled J's bed... Fun, fun! Once J was back down for the night, I told Jeff how grateful I was for his help. His automatic response was priceless.... "I gotta take care of ma boy". So blessed.

Later, we decided that we would start a new tradition. On the first snow (whether school is canceled or not) the kids would stay home from school so, this morning (unknown to R) we let her sleep in and wake up on her own. Her first two questions were as follows: "Can I go play in the snow?" After having breakfast, her question was "Can I get dressed for school?" I then asked her if she would rather play in the snow than go to school today. Her response was typical of any kid.... SNOW! She played in the snow by herself and then she and Jeff had a nice little snow ball fight and then she tried to make a snow angel. J slept in until 10 and hasn't had much energy today which may explain why Buddy (orange marmalade cat) was sitting on his lap (first time ever!) after supper.

Lots of memories made today and a few surprises and looking forward to whatever is next. :)

More to follow...

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