Monday, December 12, 2011

Late nights, sleeping in the living room and beating a bug

The last couple of days have been pretty difficult for our family.

Last Wednesday morning (0400 hours) J woke up crying and throwing up (which he only did once) and I am thankful that Jeff was willing to help clean J up and getting him settled back down for the night. Wednesday night, Jeff complained of his stomach hurting but didn't really think much about it. Thursday night (0800 hours) R and I started a 6 hour marathon between us of who could run to the bathroom the most (and manage to make it to the toilet in time - needless to say, I won that race). Finally, at 0300 hours on Friday, both of our stomachs decided to behave themselves (YEAH!) but we both ended up spending the night in the living room... R in the recliner and I on the couch (with Jeff holding R most of the time until he finally got to go to bed). We had thought that maybe the bug had just messed with Jeff but sadly, it hit him full force Friday night. Most of Saturday was spent with Jeff sleeping and me keeping the kids quiet so that way he could *much to some tears from J in "miss daddy!*

Needless to say, our diet (up to today) has consisted of juice, 7-up (for me), crackers, and peanut butter. R has been REALLY cuddly with Jeff for the last several days as well which Jeff has eaten up (J gets his time in with Jeff as well) and it's been a really good bonding time for all of us (even when we feel we are at our worst). Thankful that God gives us only what we can handle at a time (as in the case 24 hour time frames). :)

More to follow....

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