Monday, November 7, 2011

Getting the kids to mind....

The past two months have been a learning experience for our family in that new boundaries are set and then reinforcing those.

Actually this all began when Jeff and I started dating much earlier. He had made a comment about wanting to say something to one of the kids (probably J)while we were dating but didn't want to step across my authority with the kids. We decided that he should start out slowly so that the kids could get used to his "tone" of discipline (rather than waiting until we were married).

As a result, Jeff just has to give "the look" or a sterner tone of voice to get the kids to obey. They also know that if they get in trouble with me, they're going to get it again with daddy. R has learned a lot from J in this aspect because, like most 2 yr olds, he likes to try and push his boundaries (especially with me) and they both know that daddy means business.

Funny story... J and R had been playing in J's room for about an hour while Jeff and I had an "in-home date night". Then R knocks on the door to the living room and telling us that J's crib is broken. Joy! Jeff assess the damage and (low and behold) the crib is broken and one of the spindles' tips is broken inside (where is should be able to come out). Jeff dismantles the crib and in comes the pack-n-play. The first night, J slept like a log. The 2nd night, he decided to get out of the pack-n-play and play. As soon as Jeff opened the door, J automatically put his hand back to "protect" his bottom. He knew he was going to get a spanking for getting out. J also only wants Daddy to put in him in bed for night-night time. They are also both learning not to argue with me. It has gotten so much easier for me when I know my teammate has my back (and I have his). To those that have had to raise their child(ren) on their own, my hat goes off to you.

More to follow....

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