Sunday, November 13, 2011

Becoming more of a family.

Last night, Jeff found himself to be more of a Dad than he had thought he was.

Usually, R keeps herself busy with whatever she's got going on in her own world. She will either be busy drawing, playing with J, or in her own imaginary world. At times, she will stop to "play" with Jeff and every once in a while, she'll cuddle with him. Last night was one of those times.

I had just given the kids a bath and R had complained about being cold so, I suggested she go and sit with daddy. She cuddled right into him and he kinda wrapped her up in one of J's blankets and it stayed that way for quite a while. Then, J (not wanting to be left out) decided he had to have some daddy time too but that quickly turned into a tickle fest with both kids (and Jeff being the tickler) until bed time.

Earlier, they had both gotten in trouble and both had gotten a swat on the behind from Jeff (they did a big no-no) and I think Jeff thought that R would still be mad at him for disciplining (that was the first time he had given her a swat) her. I pointed out that now both kids respected him as their dad and they love him for it. I know it's been a bit of a turmoil for R in that she's having to figure out how to put things in perspective. She had a dad that she still has good memories of and she also knows where he is buried but she also has a dad who loves and corrects her as he should and the bond between them gets stronger each day (just as the bond between J and Jeff). The kids have the stability they have needed for the last two and a half years and they're loving it.

Also, after Jeff and I had called it a night, J woke up crying. Jeff got up, rocked him until he had settled down and put him back in his bed (with their own ritual of course). These two events affected Jeff deeply in that he is now able to do some things that he had never been able to do before but had longed to. Simply to be a dad and he's doing a great job.

More to follow.....

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