Sunday, May 1, 2011


This past week has been a busy one at our house (especially for J). On Wed, had to take him to the MD because he sounded like he was coming down with the croup. Sure enough, he was and so he was started on steroids to knock that out.

On Thursday night, he had grabbed a small drinking glass (which he always does for supper). One minute, he had the glass. Then I heard it break on the ground and before I could get it, he decided to try and pick it up himself. Bad idea! Then started the wailing and deep cuts in both hands.

Mad rush to the ER (with R holding one of J's hands to keep pressure on it) and 5 stitches in the left hand, 3 stitches on the right and a very angry boy because he was being held down and given a shot in both hands. All in all, he did very well and didn't put up a fight. Especially with the MD who gave him the stitches. When he came in, J stopped crying and was just mesmerized by this tall guy with glasses. The MD made a comment about it and wondered by J seemed to fixed on him. I had to explain that J isn't around a lot of guys since Donovan's death so whenever he is, he becomes fascinated. Needless to say, the MD was kinda touched by this.

R, on the other hand, thought it was cool that she was going to see what stitches looked like (but proclaimed that she was VERY happy not to be receiving them herself). Since that adventure, J has been sporting the look of a boxer with bandages looking like boxing gloves and has become very good at just using his fingers that he can move (and yes, I'm proud of him for being such a trouper).

More to follow.....

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