Saturday, April 23, 2011

60 seconds

Yesterday afternoon, I got to finish the movie "Leap Year". Sweet movie that kinda hit home for me (as it did the main character) and that is this simple question. If your home was on fire (or you were caught in a life/death situation), what one thing would you grab if you had only 60 seconds?

At almost the end of the movie, the main character figured this question out. She had initially taken it the easy way (and what everyone else would have expected her to do) instead of going on gut instincts, the truth, and fighting for what she really needed.

Many of us have 60 seconds that change our lives (for better or for worse) but some people never get that chance. I had 60 seconds with Donovan before the EMS arrived but I never got to say goodbye, I love you, or anything and neither did he. Do I regret not taking that chance? In a way, yes but I was also in a state of complete panic and shock.... The only thing I could do for him was call 911 and let them give him 6 more hours of life.

As a society, we are told to not say what we think (or feel) but to say was is considered by the world's standards as "nice". Please do yourself (and those that you love and care about) and say what you think. Otherwise, you may live to regret 60 seconds that could have changed everything.

More to follow....

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