Saturday, May 14, 2011

Case closed

About 2 months ago, we got Chloe which has been a blessing except for one thing that we discovered (much to my surprise).

Chloe is a HUGE fan of climbing/jumping over the little white picket fence that's in the back yard (or darting out the front door if it's opened by anybody). This probably wouldn't be that big of a deal if there was someone besides me taking care of the kids and a dog but, Chloe is very fast and she's still learning the rules of the house (baby steps). Chloe also is very smart and knew when to get over the fence when the kids had me tending to them. So, I'd have to stop was I was doing, make sure J couldn't get into something (or get out himself) and go hunt down Chloe.

Last week, I finally decided to get an invisible fence (which does not give a shock if she gets too close - but rather like a message pull to the muscles). After a few days and understanding a very key word (HOT), she no longer gets out which means I can get back to being a full time mom. Much to my (and R's) relief. Case closed! :)

More to follow.....

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