Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two steps forward, one step back...

Got through father's day pretty well. I was a bit down before the AM worship service and some points that Ken made kinda hit me hard (even a lady behind us was having to wipe her eyes a bit) but the biggest obstacle came Monday morning.

R woke up around 1 AM screaming and later that day, I found out why. Apparently, G has been either referencing her own life (being raised by her grandparents) or referring that K is now her "dad".

This has happened before and it backfired on G very badly. R was sooo angry that she didn't want to be around G, talk to her or have anything to do with her (and at that time, G told me that she had made the above mentioned references) and I told G that she shouldn't have said that to R. G simply dismissed it and said that R's anger was probably at something else and not what G had said. At that time, R was extremely emotionally unstable and couldn't handle it. Now, she's much more stable but she's not emotionally out of the "woods" yet.

Monday afternoon, there was (yet another) advertisement in reference to fathers. After watching this, R said "I have a father". Me: "Oh? Who?" R: "PawPaw". Me: "He isn't your dad. He's your grandfather." R: "But he's a father". Me: "He used to be a father but he's still your grandfather. If I marry a man, he would be your dad." R: "Oh. Ok."
Then she went to draw some pictures for K for his b-day. My thinking was to avoid some potential problems down the road.

I know I need to address this again with G but I'm thinking I'm going to be getting the same result again (or her going on defense). I know that G is emotionally raw right now and it hasn't been pretty so I'm just praying that soon, she'll realize that she needs to get help (actually both of them do).

So, R is going back in for some much needed neurotherapy tomorrow morning. This morning, she was in tears over the smallest things (another red flag for me in getting her some help).

Upside to all of this, tomorrow I get to meet some new friends and then get out of town for the weekend (with kids in tow) which is something R and I need to do.

More to follow.....

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