Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Father's day

That time of the year is approaching once again. This year, I was hoping that it would be easier on all of us. For me, so far, it has been easier but for R, it hasn't.

Last night, she watched an episode of Ni how, KiLan (sorry about spelling) and it focused on Tolie (again, sorry about spelling) having to be separated from their favorite toy. They sang about the fact that if something (or someone) does go away for a while, they always come back and I watched R's face go from being all smiles with her brother to pain.

Once the show as over, the tears came. In a way, I'm grateful that she was able to have a good, hard cry. I didn't have any tears to shed because it doesn't pain me as much as it does R. Of course, J was at her feet and patting her on her leg as if in comfort while I just sat and rocked her.

We talked about our family and how we have our physical family as well as our spiritual family. That always helps her to be reminded of people that she is getting closer to in the church family.

Ultimately, we ended with a tickle fest with both kids on the bed and laughing hard from tickling each other and being tickled. Objective achieved! I'd much rather end the day in giggles than tears.

More to follow.....

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