Sunday, June 20, 2010

Crazy days of summer

Now that summer is in full swing, so are the kids! Part of me is ready for R to go back to school and get back into a routine but, that will have to wait.

Thankfully, R will be doing some sort of schooling in order to be ready for the 1st grade (my how time flies). She will also be doing some lessons in the arts (ballet, theatre, etc). I am a little leery of her doing dance because I don't want to send the wrong kind of message as far as dress in concerned so after this summer, she probably won't be doing it again but rather (hopefully) other interest. G took these types of lessons when she was little so she's encouraging R to do the same (cringe!) and I'm limited as to what I'm able to do because I also have J (who still needs two naps a day) so yes, it gets frustrating sometimes.

This morning started off a little tough (emotionally) for me in that it's another year down since Donovan's death. This morning's sermon (or at least the opening statements) were a little hard "Children need their father". As each month passes, it becomes more and more clear that the kids crave that male attention. Anytime a man pays any kind of attention to J, J will want to be picked up and just held and R is the same way. If we go over to a friend's house and their dad is playing with them on the floor, R just right in there with them with a "me too, me too!" and it almost kills me. I know that God has a time for everything but sometimes I wish I could get a little note from Him telling me what the sequence is supposed to be (ha ha!) Just have to remember that it's all in good time and it has to be for the right reason... (me!... not the kids, not anyone else but me!).

Anywho... This is a new week so let the fun (and craziness begin!)

More to follow.....

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