Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Testing, testing, one... two... three

This last week, we got a letter from R's school asking us to meet with the speech therapist, her teacher, and the principal for an update on how she is doing in school and over all.

Jeff wasn't able to go because he was still recovering from strep A. He was still considered contagious so he was still in quarantine. On a side note, it is one thing to be apart from your spouse because of distance. It is something entirely different when you are under the same roof and can't talk, touch, or anything. Very tough!

Anyway, the speech therapist started off the meeting with the fact that I had suggested that R be tested for more than speech because she has such as hard time being able to stay on task at any given time. The speech therapist thought that R should be tested as well (as did her teacher). R isn't failing in anything but she's cutting it very close in Math. She is reading at grade level and doing well with phonics, etc. The problem is that she has a very difficult time with concepts and grasping things. She doesn't get it when you ask her who was swinging in a swing. Her answer was "swing". Math is challenge because of this.

So, she will be tested in March (the testing schedule is full for the month of Feb) and we will hopefully get the results sometime in March.

Please pray that R will get the help that she needs.

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