Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas '11

We went to K and G's for Christmas and stayed for about a week. Christmas eve was a bit nerve wracking but, it all went well in the end.

The reason was because Margie (G's mom) had Christmas dinner with us and was able to open up presents along with the kids (something she told G she wanted to see). Since Margie keeps making comments about how "Donovan must be working really hard" any time she sees me (or the kids) and even tho G has told her lots of times in the past that Donovan is no longer living, we were a little worried of what Margie's reaction would be when she saw Jeff for the first time. G said later that her stomach was in knots most of the evening but Margie never said anything (in fact she didn't talk much at all on the way to K and G's house or on the way back to her facility).

Jay was also with us during the Christmas meal and presents. He has the beginning stages of Dementia so he wants to know what you are doing and why every 5 seconds. He doesn't have any comprehension of time but soo sweet! Each time he received a Christmas present, he would be genuinely surprised and thankful.

The kids had a blast and we all got some things that we could either use or enjoy doing.

Overall, a very good, relaxed Christmas (and no tears this time - at least not on this day)....

More to follow....

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