Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Moving on... literally!

Another BIG step is being done a little at a time (and will continue... Lord willing over the coming weeks.

After much prayer and thought, we are moving to a new house! :) I thought (until lately) that if I could just stick it out here and slowly get through all of Donovan's things (ie: records, 8-tracks, etc) then R, K and G would be emotionally really for us to be able to move. WRONG!

It's hard for me to come in the back and even type on the computer without being reminded of Donovan lying on the floor almost 2 years ago. Last night, R told me (in the strongest voice she could) that she hated this house. I'm glad she finally said this because I knew that she tries very hard to be anywhere else BUT here (no matter what time of day).

You know you've probably heard that God always opens a window when things get to be too much and He definately opened up some for us! Found a house that's 3 streets down from here and was a foreclosure. Yes, it needs work but, K and G are helping (alot) since J still (roughly) takes 2 naps a day. Mostly, it's one good, long nap a day. I also have the "luxury" of being able to move at my own pace (once everything gets done (AC, cleaning, painting, small repairs, etc) and it's close. So, if I'm not posting alot on FB, now you know why... :)

In a way, this is another tunnel (so to speak) of getting through. It will probably be difficult sometimes but will definately be worth it in the long run. Onwards and upwards!

More to follow......

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