Thursday, July 1, 2010

Watching out for the family...

This last Sunday. R, J, and I had the chance to spend some time with my uncle, aunt, and cousin (John).

My uncle knows all too well the road that we have been down because he lost his wife (John's mom) to cancer when John was 13 or 14 and he always has had good advise/ suggestions for me in trying to juggle everything.

While we were sitting through the AM worship service, R pulled at me to ask me a question and I could tell from the look on her fact that it was a serious one to her. Her question/statement was simple yet profound. "No guns for my cousin!" (all being said in a whisper of course). I knew what she meant by that statement and simply told her "No, No guns for cousin". To which she had a huge grin for John and went back to drawing on a piece of paper.

On the way to lunch, I relayed that statement to John (R was ridding with Aunt Gail so out of earshot). His reaction was something I will always remember. "Wow! She's looking out for me and she's only 6 years old!" Needless to say, that affected him deeply and I think it was something that he needed to hear.

Three years ago, my grandmother passed away from a heart attack and John was very, very close to her. His dad is slowly declining in health due to a genetic disease that doesn't have a cure and there isn't very much known about. It's also heretic and all by my dad has come down with the disease (yet). Thank the good Lord that I was adopted into this family and don't have to worry about this aspect. John is also the one that found grandma on the floor so, like me, he will forever have a mental image that will never completely go away. I asked him how he's been doing since grandma passed... He's been doing ok but more concerned about his dad. So, R's statement was probably something that he needed to hear and also know that he's not alone.

No one is completely alone.

More to follow.....

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