Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another hurdle

Last night, I went to Danny (and the now Leslie) Mayberry's wedding which was beautiful in every way.

I don't know the guy who did the ceremony but would like to know where (and if) he still preaches somewhere. One point that he brought out was a story about a woman who lost her husband of 35 (or so) years and that they never used the fine china until the day of his funeral. The woman made the comment that she was sad that, now that the fine china was being used, the guest of honor couldn't be there. He also related this to how important it was to always do and be the best for the other half.

Of course, this also brought back memories of my own wedding day and the almost 8 years that I had with Donovan and I could do that with a grin... No regrets. Seeing Danny break down in tears as he saw his bride coming down the isle was heart-warming and just plain wonderful to see. Leslie also had some really good ideas for her (and Danny's) reception and I can only pray that I may be able to something like it on day (Lord willing).

All went well until they starting cutting the groom's cake. Then the memories came flooding in... Just a few tears and I was fine. The hard part came when it was time to wish Dan and Leslie well... she reminded me of myself on my own day. All I could tell her was the cherish every moment of it (all while trying to remain composed). Her response was "Danny told me about you." (we were at their wedding shower at Centerville and J helped himself to siting up in front with her - once). Then I had to almost run to the ladies room and let the hard tears come (hyperventilating included). Thankfully, one of the girls that was an ol college roommate of Leslie's was in there, asked if she could get anyone out at the reception. I told her to get Shelly (Danny's mom) and I'm so thankful to have an extra shoulder to hold onto and support. Got composure back and was able to use sparklers as the couple went out to their car. Then it was back to K and G's and getting the kids (who were amazingly still up and running strong - even tho it was 10 pm!).

I think it's amazing how God can remind me to slow down, be perspective of who I am and know that He's not done with me yet. I'm sure that will be more hurtles to get through and that through faith and patience, I'll be a much better (and stronger) person than I was almost 2 years ago.

More to follow.....

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