Saturday, July 10, 2010

Two down, many more to go

This last week, I made a goal for myself of taking at least 2 big bags (or at least full enough for me to carry) out of the back room (aka Donovan's stuff that a good music consultant told me to get rid of). Since the 1st, that's what I've done and now we're actually able to walk around in the front part of the room. Those of you who have been to the house, you know what I'm talking about.

Once I get the room to where I can actually walk around in it, I get to start an inventory of every single record that could be worth something which is no small task! R has been helping as well and there are some things of daddy's that she doesn't want to get rid of so now I'm also in search of a good box for her to keep her things in that are special to her. I'll also try to set some things aside for J for when he gets older so that he'll have something of his dad's that he's never met.

My parents asked me if it would be easier (emotionally speaking) to have someone else come over and go through things. Quite the contrary! It's been good for me (as well as R). It's been a way of letting go and saying goodbye one last time (but with out the tears and with a grin instead).

More to follow....

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