Thursday, September 30, 2010

Not out of the emotional woods yet...

Yesterday, R came home in a bad mood and seemed very angry about everything. I later found out why.

She didn't want to do her homework but finally did so anyway. She also didn't want to take a bath... She finally did so but not without telling me that she wanted a new mommy... During said bath, I noticed that her other front tooth was bleeding a little bit and told her to go ahead and try to pull it out. She (of course) protested this and after a lot of deliberation and tears, tried. I asked her if she wanted me to help her and (in the midst of a lot of tears) said that she wanted her Daddy back. She then stared asking questions (again) as to "Is he in heaven?" and "Why did he die?".

We've had this kind of talk many times before but it's always (seemingly) out of the blue and she is usually in a bad mood before these talks take place (so at least I get a bit of a warning beforehand). She knows the facts but just needed (I guess) confirmation and then she went on to eating supper and then getting ready for Bible class and I'm thankful that God made little minds to operate on short attention spans.

This also taught me about handling my own emotions in that we as adults often get something in our heads and then we just dwell on it and forget to just let things go and let God deal with it in His own time.

More to follow.....

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