Saturday, February 2, 2013

The suprise

Last week, I asked Jeff what he thought of having a combined birthday party for him and for James since they both "almost" have a birthday in the same week. Jeff was all for it so, we figured out when (the 1st) and who we wanted to our first ever party at the house and started getting things set up... Or at least somewhat set up. At the time of the party, we still had a lot of empty boxes close to the back door (which Jeff will be using to get his stuff out of his old house), boxes in the hallway, and a corner full of boxes in our room. One day, we will be box free! Anywho, when R came home from school yesterday, and became really excited. She told me she had a surprise for Daddy but not to tell him. She told me that she had made him something but didn't show me what it was.... It was to be a surprise. She then helped Jeff get the carport cleaned up and set up for some BBQ (which turned out delish!) and waited anxiously for everyone to show up. In all, we had 19 people in the house and it was sooo relaxing and fun to just hear and watch everyone in the den and then in the dinning room. When there was only one family left, R decided to bring out her surprise. It was soo sweet to watch Jeff's reaction and also the other family's reaction. You see, she did all of this on her own. I knew that she got tickets for good behavior and grades from their teacher that they can then use for prizes. R must have saved up quite a few to get the candy and I have no idea when she made the card (but I'm guessing it was while at school). This was HUGE from her. She doesn't show emotions very often (ie: hugs, holding hands, etc) or even saying "I love you" very often either. Of course, this just made Jeff's day and got him wrapped around her little pinkie even more (of course, she has had him wrapped around her pinkie from the beginning but he wouldn't let her know that). Later that night, Jeff asked me what K and G would have thought if they had seen the card. I'm not sure what their response would have been. They probably would have thought it was sweet and give R praises for it but, as to what they really thought, not too sure. They are still very guarded about their emotions (K especially) but, their eyes usually git it away. Overall, it's been a good way to start off the month. :) More to follow.....


  1. That's amazing. I saw the card on Facebook, but the story that goes with it is just as sweet.