Sunday, January 20, 2013

Digging out

First of all, I need to apologize for not posting sooner. Things have been very busy for us but, thankfully, it's getting back into some sort of routine (just ready for this bug to leave me alone). The last week or so, R has been wanting to sleep with Jeff's "blanket" which is actually a tarp from his Marine days. This has left him wondering if she is slowing digging out of the wall she's built up in not allowing herself to get too close to Jeff in fear of losing a dad again. She will occasionally grab his hand whenever they walk back from school but the only hugs she gives out are to Lex. She has also asked Jeff to go to a school function of "Donuts with Dad" at the end of this month at school. Hopefully, he can go (even if it is super early in the morning for him). We did go to K and G's for Christmas/ R's b-day. I've noticed that every time we go down, K's coloration in his face changes to pale but eventually goes back to normal. It's like each year of Donovan's passing date is very difficult for both of them but, they put on the brave front and smile like it's all ok. This visit tho, there is/was something wrong with K. His hands had swollen to twice their size and his left arm would go from tingling sensation to numb and then back to normal. I told K before we left that he needed to get blood work done to get things checked out. He did and still don't know what's wrong (even tho his hands have gone somewhat back to normal). They still have the tingling/ numbness sensation so, waiting to see a specialized MD so, prayers would be appreciated on their behalf. As for me, this time wasn't difficult. I thought of Donovan briefly and knew he would have maybe enjoyed the festivities and be proud of R and J. More to follow.....

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