Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring Break

During Spring Break, we had a opportunity to go with K and G to San Antonio and visit Sea World, Natural Caverns, and a petting zoo of sorts. It was a long drive for us but a lot of fun. We were able to get to Dallas on a Saturday and visit with my old home congregation on Sunday (HUGE blessing). On Monday, we all went down to San Antonio. K and G drove in their SUV with the kids and Jeff and I drove in another car (thankful I was able to get some rest in the back seat on the way down). K and G also surprised us by volunteering to have the kids sleep in their room so that we can have some peace supplied by a certain 3 yr old who fights sleep) at night and not get woken up at the crack of dawn by a certain 8 yr old... Bliss! Tuesday, we went to the caverns and the petting zoo. The caverns were really neat and the kids thought everything was pretty neat. J was a bit more interested in the guides flashlight and microphone (I have no idea why! Ha!). The petting zoo was a drive thru kind of set up. The animals would be able to come up to the cars and be fed corn. The kids had a blast feeding the animals and seeing some of them up close. We tried to eat supper at the Rain Forest Cafe. Unfortunately, the mechanical animals scared J tooo much (he was literally climbing out of the seat once a "storm" hit and the all the animals started moving. The Hard Rock Cafe was better. J REALLY liked the (as he put it) Biggie Guitar. There was a white one that he wanted (which cost more than $200)... Oi! We also went on the riverwalk and took a boat ride which gave us a really neat history lesson of San Antonio (and J was working on his mac daddy personality on the guide - Hilarious!). On Wednesday, we went to Sea World. Saw a lot of neat shows and the kids ended it by playing in the HUGE play area. R couldn't wait to get soaked in the splash park while J was perfectly content to play in the smaller kids area (which had a steering wheel with mechanical parts = fascination for a 3 yr old boy). Thursday, we headed back to Dallas and then back home on Friday. Needless to say, the kids were good and worn out by the time we got home. R is already wanting to go back. :)

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