Friday, January 14, 2011

Hope in grief

Last night, I met with a small group at Grief Works which is sponsored by several Churches of Christ in the DFW area. The group is under the umbrella of Christian Works and is geared mainly for children (ages 5 and up) and their caregivers. Grief Works helps families that have expeinced the loss of a family memeber and last night, we had 4 new families to join us.

We started off as we typically do (which is to introduce ourselves and tell *if you want to* what brought them to the group). Then, we brought up a question that, in all actuality we all need to think about. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now and what goals do you have in place (or are thinking about) to get there?

Most (if not all of the women there) had a hard time focusing in on that question because grief (in all it's stages) can be a HUGE block in looking to the future. Especially if the loss of a spouse happened within the last couple of months or so. So, I changed it to 5 months from now and then down to a simple goal for next week. Of just simply getting through one hour (or at times 5 minutes) at a time.

A loss or any sudden change can be crippling but each individual has a choice of wether to take things one step at a time or stay put and slowly sink. The christian life is much the same way, there is no standing still and hoping that you make it. It takes guts, courage, and (at times) can be downright painful but the ultimate goal is worth every step. Just like Jesus had to take Calvery one step at a time (and He KNEW what was going to happen).

Each of us have challenges that may seem small (or big) to others but we all have a goal (whatever that may be) and to each that goal... takes steps, faith, and hope.

Onwards and upwards!

More to follow.....

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