Sunday, October 23, 2011


The past is never dead, it is not even past. ~William Faulkner

The above statement became very true to me this afternoon.

Over the past few days, Jeff has slowly been getting his stuff out of his old house and (whatever can be) moved into our house. As a result, there has been additional room made so that we can both store DVD's, CD's, etc and put into bookshelves.

We also have had a corner of boxes that were moved and emptied. One of these boxes had "Family video's and DVD's" written on it. Little did I know how big a flood of memories would come about when I unpacked that box. It had homemade video's of R when she was growing up (in her first year of life) which always brings a smile to my face. It also had a disc video of my grandmother (3 months before she passed) and her getting to see and visit with R. The box also had Donovan and I's wedding video and pictures/ video's of our first year of marriage and a CD's that Donovan had made for me while we were dating (with it's original artwork on the front of the jewel case).

I had packed those items twice before but never really looked at the cases because it was just to painful to even think about and I knew during those packing times that I couldn't emotionally handle it then. I still can't now. I didn't think I'd start gut-wrenching tears again, but I did. Even though it's been almost three years now and a lot has changed since then.

Thankfully, Jeff saw those tears and kissed/ wiped them away. As if on cue, Buddy (Jeff's marmalade cat) decided he needed to intervene as well and promptly put himself in between me and the cases that I had in my hands and started purring and wanting attention. Jeff put the cases back in the box that they came from and said "Let him (Buddy) love on you for a while. You don't need to deal with this (the video's) right now." And he was right. There is a time for everything and things aren't usually on our time frame anyway.

I have loved, and lost and then loved again and so blessed because a man loves me for who I am and understands me better then I do myself (sometimes). :) Thank you Lord, for great blessings!

More to follow......

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