Monday, July 18, 2011

Small Words

Over the past several months, J has expounded in his vocabulary. Today was the beginning of the words "I want".

All of us start out needing the basics... food, water, love, protection, etc. The question is, when are we no longer satisfied with just the basics? When do we go from "I need" to "I want"? Granted, some children don't even receive these basic's (and I know that just from experience and seeing first hand growing up) which shouldn't even be an issue but continues to be one in this country (as well as the rest of the world. But, when we get start getting it in our heads that we are entitled to something?

I remember J (and R as well) being perfectly content with just the basic's. Do we teach our children (and others) that we are entitled to things and so should they? There is a song in the musical "South Pacific" that caused quite a stir up when it was released called, "You have to be carefully taught". That song hit me when J started the "I want" phase. Granted, I'm thankful that he's able to verbalize something that he wants to do (ie: swing in this instance) so now the challenge comes of teaching him the difference between "I would like... This" and "I need... This" and then being thankful for the things received.

How many times are we guilty of not being thankful to God for the blessing that He gives us? All our "I want's"?? All our "I need's"??

Thoughts, comments, suggestions???

More to follow.....


  1. As I recall, the word "if" is a pretty important word in our history... ;^)